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We Will Buy Your Junk Cars

It’s hard to stress just how low we’ll go when it comes to buying junk or scrap cars. People imagine that the car they have in mind has no value, and is actually going to cost them money just to get it removed. That may be true, if you call anybody other than us. Here we’ll give you a few examples of what kinds of cars we’re willing to buy, and if any of them match your car’s description, you should give us a call at (240) 839-6505 now to get a free quote. We’ll even come pick it up, or arrange for a tow truck if we need to, at no extra cost to you whatsoever! There’s really no excuse not to call, especially if you have a car that:

Is old and rusted out, sitting in a field for years through rain and snow, wind and sunshine. It’s obvious that nobody can ever drive this vehicle again, and it’s actually rusting into the earth, causing pollution and an unsafe environment. Not to mention, it’s just an eyesore. We’ll come take it away, tow truck and all, at no cost to you, leaving you with cash of course!

Has been sitting in your garage missing half its engine for 10 years, collecting dust. They don’t even make the parts for this car anymore, and you have no intentions of putting it back together, let alone getting it to work again. You know we’ll have no problem coming to get this car from you, and giving you its full value.

Was once in an accident, and nobody has had the time or money to fix it up properly. This is the kind of car that might drive again, and you’re likely to get even more for it.

Was in a total wreck and cannot be salvaged. We’ll recycle it for you, without you having to move a muscle. Just give us a call and we’ll come get it picked up at no extra cost!

So if you’ve got any of the above, and you need a bit of cash, call us at (240) 839-6505 and we’ll come today and pick it up! Forget the hassle of tow trucks or trying to find a buyer, at Cash for Junk Cars Washington, we’ve got you covered. Our process is simple and easy to use, made specifically to be convenient for you! And we’ll buy any car, in any condition!


Tomas K.

"I couldn’t believe how fast they brought me my cash, and I didn’t have to do a thing! "